Inside this best-selling, easy to read book,
you'll discover:

  • 1. Exactly what to do to make sure your children
    are always raised the way you want,
    by the people
    you want;
  • 2. How to ensure your wishes for your care are known and honored at the end of your life (don't think this is a depressing conversation about death - Wear Clean Underwear makes thinking about the end of life empowering and inspiring!);
  • 3. How to avoid the six common mistakes almost every parent makes when naming guardians for their kids (and what to do to fix things if you've made them yourself);
  • 4. Why it's even more important to pass on your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets than your financial assets and how to stop putting it off and get it done now; and
  • 5. How to access over $750 worth of FREE legal, financial, personal and life planning resources.